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(added 6/27/2017)

Title: Registered Dietitian
Position: Full Time
Location: Greater Hickory, NC Area

Job Summary:

The mission of a Discover Wellness Registered Dietitian is to help improve the population’s health by building relationships with and offering nutrition expertise to companies, organizations, and their employees, as well as individuals from the community. Our registered dietitian will be responsible for assisting each client through the process of actively working towards making better health choices, managing their chronic diseases, and improving their quality of life through nutrition. Support, encouragement, guidance, education and accountability will be offered to all clients.

Essential Functions:
● Performs one-on-one nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy with clients based on specific individual needs.
● Conducts on-site health-related wellness seminars, lunch n’ learns and training courses for interested participants.
● Creates and distributes health education materials emphasizing preventive care measures.
● Develops a customized care plan for clients, including assistance with setting goals.
● Maintains accurate and thorough documentation of all counseling interactions.
● Maintains accurate and current documentation of all client insurance and billing information.
● Serves as a nutrition, health and wellness resource for participants.
● Serves as a role model for healthy living.
● Attends and contributes to Discover Wellness in-service trainings.

Secondary Functions:
● Performs biometric screenings including blood pressure, weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index.
● Performs finger stick blood screenings including Total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides and glucose.
● May serve on departmental task forces, committees and projects.
● Performs other duties as assigned by manager.

Physical Requirements:
● Work may require sitting, lifting, reaching, stooping, bending, pushing and pulling.
● Must be able to lift and support the weight of 25 pounds.
● Critical thinking and ability to concentrate are a must.
● Must be able to respond quickly to changes in office environment.
● Hours may include early mornings or late evenings occasionally.
● Travel may be necessary.

Education, Qualifications, Training and Experience:
● Registered Dietitian with current licensure and registration.
● Knowledge of weight management, nutrition, stress reduction, and chronic conditions preferred.
● An energetic, positive individual with excellent communication skills and initiative.
● Ability to work independently and adapt to varied environments.
● Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.
● Experience and proficiency in motivational interviewing and other counseling techniques.
● Experience and proficiency with Microsoft office programs and Google Drive preferred.
● Trustworthy, reliable, and relational.
● Willing to travel.

To apply, interested parties may email their interest and resume to