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(added 1/30/2019)

Are you passionate about health and wellness? Medi-Weightloss Clinics has an immediate opening for a full-time Bariatric Counselor for our Ballantyne location. We need dynamic, compassionate individuals to join our team of professionals for a rewarding career in wellness. Our premium, comprehensive program is patient-focused with weekly consultations to promote behavior modification and nutritional education for healthy weight loss and long-term wellness. Join us as we change lives…one patient at a time.

Job Title: Bariatric Counselor/Registered Dietitian
Reporting Relationship: Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner & Office Manager
Position Summary: A Bariatric Counselor/Registered Dietitian provides bariatric and wellness counseling to overweight/obese patients in an outpatient clinic setting. In addition to the counseling responsibilities, the bariatric counselor will also be expected to perform the administrative and clinical duties outlined below.

• Education: Minimum qualification is a BS/BA Degree. Preferred qualification is a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, Nutrition Science, or a Registered Dietitian Licensed in NC.
• Must be fluent with the state laws with regard to Health Care (i.e. HIPPA, OSHA).
• Must be willing to multi-task and uphold the standards for treatment at the practice.
• Must not engage in any activity, whether in the office or out, that is against the law, or impairs the ability to care for patients.
• Must demonstrate good communications skills and excellent personal hygiene.
• Must demonstrate good computer skills.
• Must be empathetic to each patient as well as encouraging and supportive.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
• Ability to comprehend and effectively communicate the Medi-Weightloss Clinic program in order to discuss the program with existing and prospective patients.
• Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the Medi-Weightloss Clinics supplemental products.
• Should arrive to work 30 minutes prior to your shift.
• Greet all patients promptly with a smile, introduce yourself, and give clear instructions and expectations.
• Bring patients back in timely manner.
• Enter all medical data into the computer same day.
• Help maintain clinical supplies and equipment.
• Help stock inventory when it arrives.
• Help prepare rooms for each patient.
• Help collect all trash and bring to dumpster.
• Make sure all faxes are sent in a timely manner.
• Must not leave until ALL end of day tasks are complete (Refer to daily task checklist).

Essential Clinical Duties:
• Measuring and recording vital signs.
• Recording patient interview and history.
• Provide bariatric counseling to new patients, acute patients and wellness patients as per the plan outlined by the Medical Director and Nurse Practitioner.
• Communicate office policies and provide education to patient on medications and treatment.
• Prepare patients for exams and routine treatment.
• Assist with other procedures.
• Dispose of biohazard waste according to OSHA standards.
• Practice OSHA safety standards.
• Document accurately and completely at all times.

Education: Minimum qualification is a BS/BA Degree. Preferred qualification is a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology or Nutrition Science and Registered Dietitians.

Compensation package: above market standard and the opportunity for monthly performance bonuses. We do not require our staff to be on-call.

Job Type: Full-time

Apply to this position by sending resumes to [email protected]