NCAND Board Ballot 2024-2025

President-Elect Nominees

Kathryn (Kate) Hoy, PhD, RDN









Kathryn (Kate) has a PhD in Health Promotion, Education and Behavior from the University of South Carolina. Her doctoral work focused on the implementation and evaluation of food assistance programs. She completed her undergraduate education at Indiana University with a BS in Nutrition, a BS in Management, and a BS in Entrepreneurship and achieved her RDN/LDN credential at Bowling Green State University in 2011. She has served on both state and national AND boards since achieving her credential, most recently as the HOD representative for NCAND and the Public Health representative for the Academy’s Council on Research.

Kathryn worked for Cornell University and is an expert in behavioral economics interventions in the food environment. She has over 10 years of experience designing, implementing, and evaluating public health nutrition programs across the country and she has created both national and state-level nutrition curricula.

Kathryn is an avid sports fan and is a former competitive cyclist who is slowly getting back into endurance athletics after having her daughter in 2021. She loves to spend time outside with her family, exploring new parks, playing video games, reading all genres, eating good food, and 1950’s fashion. 


Jayme has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from East Carolina UScience from the University of Alabama in Nutrition. She received her Master of Sports Medicine from Armstrong Atlantic University in Savannah, GA, where she published numerous articles in high-level journals. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Nutrition from Rutgers University. Jayme owns and operates an outpatient wellness facility specializing in nutrition and exercise in Morehead City and New Bern. She is also an inpatient dietitian at Carteret Health Care in Morehead City NC.

She has served as NCAND's reimbursement specialist for the past two years. She is a passionate leader in nutrition and promotes fair reimbursement fees for both inpatient and outpatient dietitians in North Carolina. Jayme has 10+ years of experience as a policy and program development and implementation leader. As a business owner, she understands the needs associated with developing programs and strategies to ensure long-term success for Dietitians.

When she is not working or advocating for public policies, she spends time with her husband and two small boys.

Treasurer Nominee

Grace Garrett, MS, RD, LDN










Grace received her Bachelor’s of Science in Food Sciences from North Carolina State University then went on to receive her Master’s of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Meredith College and finished her educational career at the University of North Carolina Greensboro where she completed her Dietetic Internship. Grace specializes in pediatric nutrition with a current focus in child neurology and endocrinology. Grace enjoys hiking with friends and family, baking and gardening in her free time.